Team Update Blog #2

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Team Update Blog

#2 (11/3/11)


I know everyone was hoping that this weeks blog would focus on the details of my “Electric Wire” collection and all of it’s different types, lengths and colors of plastic coating. Unfortunately I will have to save that for another time as there has been a lot of action in MediaPortal development and it’s community. Let’s kick it off with MP1:


While You Were Sleeping: Plugins #2

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While You Were Sleeping: Plugins

#2 (11/26/11)

Okay, Okay... Settle down. It is time for you learn a few things about MediaPortal, Plugins, and The Meaning of Life. The holiday season was officially kicked off this past week for us in the USA. And after spending the week being busy entertaining my extended family, I am definatelly questioning the meaning of life! So we will be once again going over the plugins that have been created or updated since last month’s blog. I need everyone to pay close attention as there will be a pop quiz later this week.


On the Couch: TravisTX

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On the Couch: TravisTX

#3 (11/20/11)

On the couch with us today is TravisTX, or Travis Collins to those of you who are still plugged in. He will be shining some light into how and why he has helped MediaPortal itself, as well as it's community. Most of you are already familiar with him from his work on Moving Pictures, Pandora Music Box as well as Let's see if we can get to know him better.

Now some of you might have noticed that I myself am from Texas, and this will be 2 out of the first three people I have put on the couch are also from Texas. I assure you, this was not by design. It is not part of our evil plan for Texas to take over the world. Let's face it... we are just not that clever to have added this in advance. We just got lucky.


Go, Texas MediaPortal!


A Forum User's Lament

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Our MediaPortal forums are famous for the level of support they provide from 'expert' users and even MediaPortal developers. However, we often hear from users having trouble finding the information they need, or asking the same questions again and again because they can't find it.

Now that our new wiki is becoming more useful, and usage continues to increase, how can we get our forums and wiki to work together to improve support and make our forums even more effective?

The following questions and answers are extracted from discussions I had recently with a MediaPortal user rogerleifert about the relationship between our forums and wiki.

What do you think? Express yourself by posting in the comments on this Blog.

What Sayeth You?: MP-TVSeries

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*********Note From Author*********

First off, want to say sorry for not putting someone on the couch this past Monday. The original guest could not get around to it, and I had planned to put myself on the couch, but to be honest I was not ready to spill my secrets yet. ZealotSix will be on the couch this Monday so be looking for that soon!

I would like to take a moment and explain our "What Sayeth You?" blog. The concept and rules are very simple. A skin, plugin or base MP feature will be detailed in the blog, and the community throws in their "two cents". At the bottom of the blog is a section for you to place your comments and we ask that you follow a very simple pattern. We do not believe in tearing something down, without building it up first so please follow the formula of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Please use this formula to let us know what you like (the good), how it could function better (the bad) and how it might look better (the ugly). At the end of the blog I will place my comments as an example.

Some of you are saying "That is what the forum threads are for!" or "If they want more they need to raise an issue!". These statements, albeit true, can be a turn off. Not everyone wants to post in a thread with 50 pages of posts, and not everyone understand how raising an issue works. Here we are offering and easy solution for you to say what you want without jumping through hoops. I would like to point out that this blog is a courtesy, and if you are serious about your issues, you should raise them in the proper place and not wait for the feature, plugin or skin to be in the "What Sayeth You?" blog.


While You Were Sleeping: Skins #1

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While You Were Sleeping: Skins #1


*************Note from the Author***************

Here is our first WYWS: Skins blog. First off I want to apologize for being tardy in getting this blog out, but work got in the way (don't you hate that?). I had a hard time figuring out how to best write the blogs on skins. WYWS: Plugins just lists the plugins that are new or updated, but I can't to that for skins as there would be a good chance of a monthly skin blog containing the following info:

"We have skins. No, really, we do."

And that will not cut it, so I will just wing it until WYWS: Skins finds its own natural flow and style. As for which skins and why, it's simple: I will be covering skins that the designer has take time to get with me and let me know what is going on with said skin. I will talk about them in alphabetical order. So here we go...



aMPed -

Dadeo has been hard at work making this skin better in all aspects. Currently a beta version for aMPed 3.3 has been out for over a month and has a revision number of 1636. It contains pretty up to date xmls for almost every plugin and looks beautiful doing it. What you might want to know is that aMPed SVN has a pretty handy MPEI maker and you can currently update aMPed to revision 1674, offering up to the minute support for plugins, even those hidden gems like IMDb+ and mvCentral. A final version of aMPed 3.3 is right around the corner as Migue is working on some Basic Home editor improvements.


Avalon -

With is soft cool blue colors ncoH has made a very nice skin. Recent changes have brought about support for many popular plugins as well as a rework of the hidden menu for playlists.


Mustayaluca -

As a new comer to MediaPortal's selection of skins, Mustayaluca is gaining a fierce crowd of followers. It's light color tones I find to be pretty soothing and easy on the eyes. Psycho Reptile has been making many changes and updates. Way too many to list here, so you will have to take my word for it. Please keep in mind for those of you who wish to check it out, it is in beta format, so you might find a bug or two.


StreamedMP -

ltfearme and Trevor's little and unknown project named StreamedMP, that is S -t-r-e-a-m-e-d-M-P for those who have never heard of it, has also had a few minor updates. A new release is but a few hours away. It will have updated support for many plugins and some minor bug fixes. It will also make pancakes, bathe your dog (cats are in a future release as it is MUCH harder to bathe a cat) and produce a VERY annoying sound whenever the in laws come to visit.

Sorry for such a short blog this week, everyone. I URGE skinners and developers to drop me a PM, let me know what you have done. Just one PM once a month (hopefully the Monday prior to the blog your project would be included in).

{jfusion_discuss 102542}

On the Couch: fforde

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On the Couch: fforde

#2 (11/7/2011)

This week we have John Conrad (fforde) on the couch. Most of you already know him, or his awesome work on the Moving Pictures plugin, but today we get a chance to take a closer peek at Mr. Conrad.

How did you become interested in HTPCs?

I have been interested in computers since I was about 8 to 10 years old and even back then I found media that lived on the PC fascinating. In the early 90s I remember downloading some MIDI files and playing a song by Fine Young Cannibals in synthesized glory. The midi synthesizer was terrible, it sounded exceptionally bad on my tiny computer speakers and the lyrics were replaced with what sounded like an 8-bit choir. But it was in stereo! And it was amazing! Years later in high school it was 128kbps MP3s of The Offspring. In college I had moved on to low quality episodes of The Simpsons. This was the beginning for me. For a long time media on the PC was more of a novelty than anything but around the turn of the century it was becoming more practical. At least for someone a bit computer savy like me.

Once I learned how to rip my DVDs so that I could have all my movies in one place, it was just a matter of time before I started seeking out a nice interface to browse them.

How did you first find MediaPortal?

For a long time I just managed and watched my movie collection via Windows Explorer. I always felt like there had to be a better way but I had a hard time finding anything practical. The most recommended HTPC applications at the time either ran on Xbox hardware or Linux. I had no console to sacrifice and I was not really ready to make the jump to Linux.

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