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OMG. This is what I am looking for! Great job guys! Greetings from Croatia.

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Easy to navigate and very slick design
I'm a principal software designer and engineer, this skin and of course media portal are very impressive pieces of engineering. Thanks for making my life a little bit easier.

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automated updates, best looking
As a design rating always depends on personal taste, it may vary but it definitely hits my taste.

Apart from the beautiful look, the automated updated function is the best I've seen so far. From inside the settings menu in MediaPortal itself, updates for the skin an the most important plugins are installed automatically. So no need to get out of MediaPortal to install updates.

The design options dialogue might be a bit overwhelming for starters, but it is definitely worth the time to play around with.

Keep up the good work, it's an excellent skin!

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This Skin deserves nothing less than excellent rating!
I have been using it for more than 6 months and upgrading, installing and using has never been more beautiful and smooth as this skin.
The best out there, compliments to the developer(s)!

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Great visuals and easy to get up and running.
This has been a fantastic find and for me (and many others, it would appear) is the benchmark for anything to follow.

Great work.

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Absolute Great Skin - It´s a MUST SEE^^

THX for this Work.

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Best skin !
MediaPortal fan from the very first version, I've tried hundred (!) of skins.
I must admit this is one of the most complete, most readable, most configurable & most beautiful skin I've seen.
Very good job, guys !

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Great Skin! Altough it does seem to have abit of problems with Fanart Handler.

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The best skin ever
I love this skin, i saw him, I installed it and now I can not go without him. Simply Perfect. I've also looked at others but that was not simply the. I think this is the ultimate skin.

BIG GREAT WORK GUYS 5 Stars from me

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WoW - Blown Away
Bloody fantastic mate, install - configuration to use is so easy I was waiting for a let down.... the only let down was there is none.

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Great Skin - either basic or advanced config!
Start the StreamedMP config and it allows for a simple basic set-up. But once you start to delve into the config and play around it has masses of user functionality and masses of plugins which work. I've tried Blue3 WS; Maya; BlackGlass & PureVision HD. This is most configurable I've come across.

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Great skin, really a lot to adjust - wish I could see settings effect beforehand
Really great skin, even it is pretty dark. I haven't understood all the adjustments so what I'd wish is that on the choices of setting that for each choice an example is shown. e.g. when pausing live or recorded TV the channel logo is way too big and I want to have it much smaller. I have not yet found out what setting I have to adjust to get the desired size. Thanks for the skin !

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My First Skin
wohOoo! Finally I got my MP installed. StreamedMP is my first skin and it did an awesome job!

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Best Skin
This is without a doubt the best MediaPC Skin every designed. I have migrated over the years from MYHTPC, Meedio and then MediaPortal. This skin looks awesome on my projector screen!

Keep up the great work!

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StreamedMP for the novice
I wanted to provide a viewpoint of that of the novice individual. When i first tried out MediaPortal skins were first on my list of things to look for. I tried varying skins but I found StreamedMP one of the simplest to get up and running like the screen shots show. Plus Ltfearme and the others work with plugin developers so there skins work in my opinion near flawless.

I have been a fan for over 18 months and will continue to use this package until... well forever :)

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