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Very cool Skin
Using the StreamedMP skin truly gives you a unique experience when using mediaPortal.

Only on the home page I find problems in selecting using the mouse.
I hope it will be fixed in the coming release.

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My Must Have Skin/Extension Set
I must admit - over the years I've always found the default skin options rather plain. For me StreamedMP is the first thing I install any any clean install.

Not only does the StreamedMP skin make MP look like a high class media center, it also has great integration with My TV Series and other must have plugins.

The only thing I could wish for is to have StreamedMP (and associated plugins) become part of the core MediaPortal release.

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Great skin
Great skin. It looks great and the most important plugins are included. For a MediaPortal beginner like me it saved me a lot of time to find and explore all the "important" plugins.
In my opinion this Skin should be shipped with the MediaPortal package. That would be very helpful for beginners

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A nice looking skin -- probably my second favorite. However, it is has an aggressive installer which adds numerous extensions. I found it very difficult to uninstall completely. (After considerable time and frustration, I am going to have to try a complete uninstall of MediaPortal and all extensions in order to get my old setup back.)

Unless you are certain this is the only skin you will ever want to use, I personally, would not risk installing it.

Owner's reply

The installer has checkboxes for each plugin/extension and is completely optional for user to install. There is also an Uninstaller for the skin.


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Great Skin
This is one of the most complete and actively developed skins for MediaPortal out there!

It is customizable in many ways (different layouts, home menu editor), comes with the most used must-have plugins (TV Series, Moving Pictures) and offers a comfortable update function inside the MediaPortal GUI.

Totally recommended!

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