byJDWestoby, May 1, 2012
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Exactly what I wanted, now my room netbooks can act as security cameras, recording as required (using the home automation system as well).

Bit tricky to understand at first but persevere and it makes sense (I have the room netbooks using iSpyServer to send to the automation PC).

(Personally don't like the skin, may try to rework as Default3Wide. The functionality though is just there!)

This project definitely getting a donation from me.
byJDWestoby, August 5, 2011
The title says it all. I had TiVo and missed it hugely when they left the UK. I kept going but realised it was not the way to go to record digital signals directly (TiVo used SCART) so I tried MediaPortal - good but I still missed TiVo.

With TvWishList I don't miss TiVo anymore.

Specifically I can enter a name that doesn't exist currently/yet and when it turns up it will get recorded or I will be informed.

Not only that I can make a wish inactive - with TiVo I had to delete it! This way I can keep it but just not get a lot of recordings I don't currently want.

MP is good, TvWishList makes it better.
byJDWestoby, August 5, 2011
I have MP on a dedicated PC, before this I had to leave it on 24/7, very expensive as the PC was quite high spec to cope with HD.

Now when it is not being used it hibernates - so even the background hum of the disks has gone - so quieter too!

I turn it on and it works, leave it on the home screen and ignore it - it will hibernate and wake up for recordings as necessary.

This MAKES MP a much more power and noise friendly piece of living room furniture.
byJDWestoby, August 3, 2011
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OK, not finished yet but it installed fairly easily - the additional components makes it a bit more complicated. But it all went well. Needed to download [MoBo] Player to play the video stream on the Android too.

The remote control section is perfect but limited - needs to be extended with more screens for the extra commands (WiFi Remote plugin already does them I believe).

Some parts not yet implemented [NYI] but it is rock solid.

I have tried browser based iPiMP but didn't get on with it so well, for me this was easier to get going and understand. This IS noticeably faster.

Hope that work continues on this it is the most complete solution for an Android smart phone, and by implication a tablet.

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