Your Top Ten Developments of 2011

First, thanks to all who proposed suggestions in the Comments thread and voted on the poll. Although the results speak for themselves, I thought it would be interesting to elaborate a bit on the top ten developments you selected for 2011.

What a great year for MediaPortal!  I hope I have not forgotten anyone or anything. There was so much development in so many areas in 2011, it is not easy to stay on top of it all! Read on to see what I mean. Development of MediaPortal shows no signs of slowing down for 2012. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

On the Couch: Lyfesaver74

******************Note From Author******************

Okay guys and gals, we are back to blogging! Due to the busyness of the holidays my free time was reduced. Also, due to the team being very busy this holiday season, a lot of news has been released and I thought it best to not have that info buried by blogs. Well have no fear we are picking right up where we left off. Today I will be putting myself on the couch as I actually have a lot to share, like my recipe for K-Paxian Stew!!!


On the Couch: Lyfesaver74

#5 (1/9/2012)


As if talking to one's self was not crazy enough, today Lyfesaver74 will be actually answering himself!! Wait a tic.. am I referring to myself in the third person? Okay, maybe I have gone off the deep end. But hey... in these types of conversations... at least I am always right!

Enough of that! I am going to be telling you all about myself today, and hopefully not bore you tears in the process! As you will find as you read, I have my fingers in many pies, but my main goal with MediaPortal is promotions and public relations. So, without further ado (or adon’t) let’s jump right in!

Top Ten Developments of 2011

Last year I posted a Team Top Ten Countdown of the major achievement's in MediaPortal in 2010. This year I thought it might be nice to switch it up, and ask YOU what you think were the major developments in MediaPortal in 2011!

So in the Comments thread, you may add as many new features or developments as you wish.  I will add them to a poll attached to the thread (in the order they are submitted) where everyone can vote on them.  You are free to list any new features or developments of MediaPortal, extensions (plugins, skins, etc.) or even website, forum, wiki developments (like access to the forums via mobile devices, etc.).  Please try to be as specific as possible about the features/developments you think were most significant. Don't be shy to explain why!

Our developers have worked hard in 2011. It's been an awesome year for MediaPortal. Here's your chance to show them some love, and let them know which developments mean the most to you.

I will report back with the results - the top ten features/developments with the most votes in the poll.

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While You Were Sleeping: Skins #2

While You Were Sleeping: Skins

#2 (12/2/11)

Lots of action has happened this past month in the world of MediaPortal Skins. A lot of tweaking, adding, fixing and intergration for all to enjoy! Now I know what you are all thinking: “Why do they continue to call the tomato a vegitable?” I know.... it mistifies me too. But I think if we all pull together, we will be okay. While I cant help with the tomato dellima, I believe that you take a moment to read the following info you will learn more about what your favorite skins have been up to. Either that or we can all learn how to remove rust from bumpers with nothing but peanut shells!

On the Couch: Deda

On the Couch: Deda

#4 (12/5/11)


I did not put anyone on the couch last week as i.Loop posted a News article, but we are back at it this week!. So on the couch with us to today is Deda. He really does not like the feel of the vinyl couch against his skin, but I told him to wear clothes to the interview. It's his own fault! "Who is Deda?", some of you are asking, well I will let him fill you in on the details, but in a nutshell he is responible for tons of patches, and most recently a complete rework of MyVideos (the base video handler inside MP). He has ridden a bobsled down the entire length of Mt Everest, he has swam in the Sea of Tranquility.... he even built the Taj Mahal with his bare hands.... and today he is On the Couch....

Team Update Blog #2

Team Update Blog

#2 (11/3/11)


I know everyone was hoping that this weeks blog would focus on the details of my “Electric Wire” collection and all of it’s different types, lengths and colors of plastic coating. Unfortunately I will have to save that for another time as there has been a lot of action in MediaPortal development and it’s community. Let’s kick it off with MP1:


While You Were Sleeping: Plugins #2

While You Were Sleeping: Plugins

#2 (11/26/11)

Okay, Okay... Settle down. It is time for you learn a few things about MediaPortal, Plugins, and The Meaning of Life. The holiday season was officially kicked off this past week for us in the USA. And after spending the week being busy entertaining my extended family, I am definatelly questioning the meaning of life! So we will be once again going over the plugins that have been created or updated since last month’s blog. I need everyone to pay close attention as there will be a pop quiz later this week.


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