Promoting your Extension

Have you developed the most amazing plugin or skin ever?  After all that great work, why not get your little bit of fame?  How do you get users to try it? Are you doing all you can to promote it?

Plugins Skins

Promoting your extension is not easy at the beginning.  We know that and want to help. Team MediaPortal provides a variety of services that can dramatically increase the profile and use of your extension. Read on to find out how!

MediaPortal Mobile Access

One of the hot topics these days is accessing your home media through mobile devices. There has been much talk about remote apps for android and iphones from large companies like google (google tv), samsung, sky, hbo and many others. Open Source doesn't sleep and so our friends at xbmc also created an android remote control app.

Since I am developing one of the mobile solutions (aMPdroid) for MediaPortal and have kept close track of everything "mobile" going on in the MediaPortal community, I thought it would be a good idea to write a few words about what is already possible with MediaPortal when it comes to mobile access and what is coming in the near future:

Learning About MP 1.2.0 beta

If you are 'testing' the new release of MediaPortal (MP) 1.2.0 beta, now you can learn about all the new features and how to use them and test them thoroughly.

For the first time in MP history, testers have access to current documentation on all the changes and new features.

This was a new initiative for 1.2.0 beta, and our first attempt.  We hope to improve the process even more in future. 

Many thanks to all those who have contributed! It was a huge undertaking by all the Team as well as many users.

Read on for a summary of the additions and changes.  These do not include the many changes behind the scenes to improve performance and existing features which do not change the user interface.

Plugins documented in Wiki

Now our Wiki is 'live' many users have started contributing to make the content more accurate, complete and up to date.  Several new plugins have added documentation and others have been updated.

In addition mbuzina has added a Plugin/Skin List for MP listing all the plugins and skins compatible with 1.2.0 beta, with links to the Forum posts and downloads. At last count, there were 54 plugins and 9 skins already listed.  Please feel free to edit the Wiki page to add or update any plugins that you find now have compatible versions. 

Many thanks to mbuzina for that, and to all those who have contributed to the Wiki. If you edit a page you may wish to turn on Page Notifications to see if anyone changes your edits!

Remember, you can view Recent Changes any time from the Wiki Menu.  You can also view the Page Revision History to see all the updates to a page.  Just click on the date under 'Last Edit' in the left panel below the Site Navigation.  You can view a full revision history of the page and compare any revisions to see which changes were made when, and by whom!

Do you want to know which pages are most accessed in the Wiki?  Just use the Popular Pages link on the Wiki Tools Menu. 

Since the public release two months ago, our Wiki has received over 196,205 visits from 110,431 Visitors and 630,339 Pageviews.

Read on for a summary of the new additions and changes for Plugins.

Fresh from the Forums: Skins going full HD!

Creating Full HD (1920x1080) skins seems to be the new trend in skin design. Now MediaPortal can make the most of your Full HDTV! 

Not long ago, mearly all skins were created with a resolution meant to fit "HD ready" TVs. At first, skins where made with a resolution of 1366x768, which normally is the native resolution for "HD ready" TVs. The problem was that most TVs would not accept their own native resolution. This meant that 1:1 pixelmapping was impossible, as 768 skins where first downscaled to 720, before they were re-scaled to 768! Therefore a 720 skin was often a better choice, as only one scaling was done. Another benefit of using 1280x720, is that it is a true 16:9 format, whilst 1366x768 is not. In theory, this should mean that a 720 skin would scale better to a "Full HD" TV (1920x1080).

As "Full HD" TVs have become more mainstream, it makes sense to create a skin with this resolution. The first skin (to my knowledge, anyway), that brought MediaPortal full HD resolution was SpinSafe, created by mirk back in 2008. Since then, not many full HD skins were created. One popular exception was Black & White 1080p, created by aj1405.

One of the reasons for skins not going Full HD, was that they simply were too resource hungry. Over time, CPUs have become more effective; but even more importantly, the MediaPortal GUI has become less resource demanding. In other words, everything should now be in place to create great Full HD skins - and this is exactly what has happened.

Here is a list of recent Full HD skins:

playback related issues caused by ATI Drivers

Thanks to the efforts our community memeber revs put into finding out what caused the playback issues he suffered from, we can inform you that ATI has introduced a couple of issues in their Catalyst 11.2 driver.

So if you are suffering from problems as described by revs, then please downgrade your ATI drivers to 11.1, which have been reported to be working just fine.

If you are running the 11.2 driver and not notice any problems, then there is no need to downgrade.

Plugin Compatibillity check entered svn

The Plugin Compatibillity check which we will introduce in MediaPortal 1.2.0 beta, is now in our svn (rev.27644).
This means that with current svn of MediaPortal, all currently available community plugins are reported as incompatible.

Plugin developers should have a look at the changes we did for 1.2.0 Beta, which require that plugins are updated.
The description of the plugin compatibillity check is also available in our wiki.

If you have questions regarding the changes required to get your plugin MediaPortal 1.2.0 compatible, then please aks our developers in the Questions & Answers thread.

About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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