1.8: How You Can Improve MP

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Volume 1, Issue 8

Since joining the Team a few months back, I have been fascinated to learn how things work, and how to get fixes or improvements into MediaPortal. I did not realize that would be a nice side benefit of joining the Team. I now realize that I could have done much of this without being a Team member, so I thought I would share what I have learned with everyone. Here is the Inside Scoop on: How You Can Improve MediaPortal

1.11: Team Top Ten Countdown

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Volume 1, Issue 11 

It's been a year since I joined the MediaPortal Team.  As I was reviewing the events of the past year, I was overwhelmed by what has been accomplished . So I decided to write an Inside Scoop on what I see as the Team's major achievements this year, or my Team Top Ten Countdown of 2010 - David Letterman, move over!

MediaPortal 2 progress report

Hi guys and gals,

The last progress report for the MediaPortal 2 system was long ago and since then, many things were done.
This blog entry gives a small overview of work items which were done.

I guess I have to apologize because I didn't write more progress reports although I promised it. I was too much involved in development tasks. But we don't sleep; we're doing heavy development.
In the mean time, the team has decided to change the name of the project from MediaPortal-II to MediaPortal 2.

In the last months, many parts of the system have been developed/revised:

1.7: MP1 Development

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Volume 1, Issue 7 

As many of you know from a recent news release, arion_p and chemelli have taken on the task of managing MP1 development. These guys are not easy to catch, they work almost every spare minute on MP1 these days, trying to get MP 1.1.0 released. However, with the recent successful release of RC3, I finally managed to catch up with them and ask them about their new roles, and the future of MP1. So here is the Inside Scoop from our new Managers about MP1 Development

chemelli.jpg About chemelli                              About arion_p arion_p_small.jpg

1.6: IFC V2: Beast Unleashed!

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Volume 1, Issue 6

Have you ever tried to watch a 4:3 TV Signal on a widescreen TV? It looks like crap right? Not anymore! Would you like to know how to make it look a LOT better? Get the Inside Scoop on the next generation of Intelligent Frame Correction (IFC), Version 2, developed by Marvman one of our Team MediaPortal developers. Then, never look back!

marvmanFor more information on IFC, be sure to read the  IFC Wiki Manual, or contact Marvman with questions in the IFC Forum.

Marvman's Profile

Download IFC V2

IFC works for all TV and video content including recorded TV, DVDs, even online videos.

1.5: MP Skin Design - The Evolution

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Volume 1, Issue 5

For many years, Harley has designed and maintained our default skin, Blue3, almost single-handed.  Blue3 has served as the basis or template for many of our community skns. But Harley did not stop there! He has developed some of the most popular skins ever, like Project Mayhem, XFace, and his latest creation Fidelity

harlWhat is it like 'skinning' for MP?  Where have we come from, and where are we going?  Get the Inside Scoop with Harley, our MP  Design Group Manger, about MP Skin Design - The Evolution.

About Harley

If you really want to see evolution, check out the teaser videos on the new Fidelity Skin and its animated Basic Home screen, produced by our very own infinite.loop!

1.4: Our MP Forums

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Volume 1, Issue 4

Many reviews praise the MediaPortal forums and the level of support provided.  Have you ever wondered how they work, who manages them, and what makes them so great?  Are you using them correctly and to their full potential?  Do you want to know who is using our forums?

Find out the Inside Scoop from one of our ‘Super’ Moderators:  Rekenaar.

For details on using our forums, use the FAQ button on the Forum Main Menu. Even after years of using the forums, I still managed to learn something new!

About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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