1.3: Our MP Team

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Volume 1, Issue 3

Did you know there is a Team Forum? Well there is, with lots of sub forums to discuss all the various aspects of running a huge Project like MediaPortal. And you know what? It is a lot like the User Forums! There are tons of discussions going on all the time, with many different points of view, all exchanged freely and openly, but with a lot of support and respect, just like the User Forums! 

On top of that, there are several IRC Channels, and you should see the traffic! There are multiple chats running 24x7: testers comparing notes, developers checking fixes or posting the latest fix to SVN, admins solving website issues and working on the new website. Talk about communication, our Team members are frequently in the midst of several chats at once, plus working on MP, plus answering user questions in the forums, plus responding to the many issues that arise daily and are posted for feedback by our indefatigable Project Coordinator. Sounds like a huge corporation? Well it’s only about 40 really hard working, brilliant, dedicated guys who, in the midst of it all, have a really great time.

Whether you are a C# or C++ expert, a writer, web designer, graphics designer, PR professional, convention organizer or web developer, you have something to offer. If you like dynamic, creative team spirit and want to help create the best media center software ever, take on Microsoft and rule the world, read on!

Here is The Inside Scoop Vol 1.3 with our Project Coordinator: Christian aka infinite.loop on Our MP Team - The Fuel of MediaPortal

1.2: MPEI V2 - The Easy Way to Install Skins and Plugins

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Volume 1, Issue 2

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After my last Blog, several users posted comments (thank you all) asking about our Repository or Downloads page and how it could be improved. As many of you know, we have tried for almost two years to find a web developer to improve it. Although several offered, they all left us, with nothing usable. So, about a year ago Infinityloop posted in the user Forums asking for feedback: The future of MPI - we need your opinion! The idea was to develop an alternate, consistent method to install and update skins and plugins.

It was a very hot topic! The result was, that now, one of our genius developers, Dukus, has written a whole new Extensions Installer from scratch, incorporating the feedback which users and community developers provided. Dukus is already well known for his many excellent plugins like Youtube.fm, Radiotime, MTV MusicVideos and Yahoo MusicVideos (he likes music
). A lot of testing has already been done, as you can see in this forum post Extension Installer V2.

If you want to find out the new, easy way to install and auto update plugins and skins, read on! Yes, you heard me, I said 'auto update'. You can even choose only the plugins and skins that support your version of MediaPortal. Impressed? You should be!
Here is The Inside Scoop Vol 1-2 with Duka aka Dukus:
MPEI V2 - The Easy Way to Install Skins and Plugins

Make sure you catch all Blogs and News posts. Sign up for RSS Feeds on the Home Page Menu under Syndicate. You can also keep track of all new downloads, both skins and plugins.

1.1: The Upcoming Release of MediaPortal 1.1.0

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Volume 1, Issue 1 

As one of the newest members of the MediaPortal (Docs) Team, I was astounded to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes and to share in the amazing team spirit that fuels the success of MediaPortal. 


So I decided to do a regular Blog about the fascinating stuff going on. This will be mostly a series of interviews with various team members to answer some questions and share information about the development of MediaPortal with you all.

Here is my first interview with our Project Coordinator:  Christian aka Infinityloop


MP2 development progress

Hey guys and gals!

This is my first blog entry. In the future, I want to provide some information about the current MP2 development progress from time to time.

MP2 global architecture

MP2 will be implemented as a client/server system. The server will manage all attached MP2 clients, their local resources (shares), some global preferences and so on. Basically, the server will contain the MediaLibrary and the recording engine for TV and other broadcasts (like radio, web-TV etc.). The server can automatically start because of upcoming recordings and shut down after it, or simply run 24/7. The client automatically connects to its homeserver on startup. It provides the user interface, as known from MP1. The client application can be closed after usage. In a singleseat setup, server and client run on the same machine and typically will start and shutdown together.

MP2 current state

MP2 did make a good progress the last year. The client infrastructure (core part) is far advanced. But almost all specific UI components like the Media and TV parts, the players etc. still need to be developed. Developers can take a look at the current MP2 state: just check out the MP2 project folder from our SVN trunk. MP2 only runs on Vista and above.

Currently, we're working on the MP2 server part.

We'll still need much time until MP2 can replace MP1, but it will become a great, stable, maintainable system which will provide many improvements compared to MP1.



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Team MediaPortal real life meeting 2009

Last weekend the first MediaPortal team meeting outside the virtual world of IRC channels and forums was held near Frankfurt, Germany. 14 team members from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Germany made their way to Glashütten to see the faces behind the nicknames. It was a nice opportunity to meet each other face to face and enjoying some nice food and of course also some beers at the hotel bar.

Next to the fun part we spent the whole Saturday in the conference room to discuss and plan the future of MediaPortal. While the first part of the day was all reserved for MediaPortal 1 and its upcoming release, all afternoon activities were dedicated to MediaPortal 2: Albert had prepared a workshop to introduce the other developers, skinners and testers to the MediaPortal 2 architecture and general concepts.


Thanks to chemelli, misterd and catavolt for organizing this great meeting and to everybody who joined!

MediaPortal and Windows 7

Since a few months everyone seems quite eager to test Windows 7.
Many of you also run MediaPortal 1.0.2 on it.

Now testing is always a good thing, but right now i would like to ask you to not create any support nor bugreport threads when running MediaPortal on W7.

Mediaportal 1.0.2 does not support Windows 7 at all.

The reason is that we know that MediaPortal 1.0.2 has quite some major and minor problems on Windows 7 RC1, especially if you have UAC turned on.

We will fix the most issues in the 1.1.0 ALPHA release, but there is still a lot of work to be done (by Microsoft and us) until you can call the combination of Windows 7 and MediaPortal stable and ready for a productive system.

So if you plan to switch your HTPC to W7 RC1 + MediaPortal, then you should better reconsider this decision.

SoundGraph (iMON maker) and Team MP collaboration

Many of you already know SoundGraph, the manufacturer of iMON devices.

We support both LCD and VFD displays in our MiniDisplay plug-in, which is part of MediaPortal 1.

The IR Suite Server  has support for iMON receivers, in both MCE and iMON PAD mode.


But, and you all know there is a but, this configuration highly depends on the combination of MCE clone and inbuilt firmware you are using!


I'm happy to announce that Mr. Jung, CEO and President of SoundGraph, is going to arrange an engineer to help us to nail down and solve all issues we are facing with their products.


I want to be clear and don't want to create false expectation in saying that this cooperation with start in middle June as they are really busy right now. 


About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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