Import/Export section in TV-Server

Starting with MediaPortal 1.1.0, the TV-Server configuration will contain an import/export section.

This will allow you to export and import TV-Channels, Radio-Stations, TV- and Radio Groups and recording schedules.

But it will not only allow you to export and import these informations.
You will also be able to select which data you want to ex/import. Smile

More informations and screenshots are available inside the TV-Server documentation .

Credits go to Maschine, who is creating this feature.

French MP's site hacked

The team is disappointed to announce that following a hacker attack, the site had to be temporarily closed.

We are putting every efforts to ensure that the site be brought back online as soon as possible.

We ask you to excuse us for the inconvenience caused by this closure and will keep you informed about the reopening through the official forum.




L’équipe de a le regret de vous annoncer que suite à une attaque de hacker, le site a du être temporairement fermé.

Nous mettons actuellement tout en œuvre afin que le sitesoit remis en ligne le plus tôt possible.

Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour ledésagrément causé par cette fermeture et vous tiendrons informés ultérieurementde la réouverture par le biais du forum officiel.



MP goes green!

You are concerned about rising energy costs?

Your HTPC is acting as a home server and therefore not going to sleep inmediately after your movie session is over?


The upcoming MediaPortal release is going to have less impact on your electricity bill: it will feature an energy save mode.


Play .mov files in MediaPortal

Everyone know's this problem.

You find that cool clip on the internet, which you also want to watch on your HTPC.
But for some reason, MediaPortal nor Windows MediaPlayer will play it.
If this clip was a .mov file, then there were a few ways to get it working.

The Haali Splitter is allready able to get some mov files to play in DirectShow. So MediaPortal and other applications can play them.
But this will not work for all .mov files.

For these you might need other applications. In example nero, quicktime alternative and Cyberlink come with filters which allow you to play some .mov files.

But all these "solutions" have one big problem.
They are not using the native QuickTime runtime, and because of that, they are not able play "all" kind of .mov files.

So in the past you had to find a solution which "worked most of the time".

Recently i discovered the webpage from MediaLooks. They offer a DirectShow filter, which just "utilizes" a local installation of Apple QuickTime to get a .mov file to play.

So all you have to do is to install:

  • Apple QuickTime
  • MediaLooks QuickTime DirectShow filter 

So now you are able to play .mov files inside MediaPortal, or watch the movie trailers on by using the MyTrailers MediaPortal plugin.

The demo version, which is available on the medialooks webpage, displays a permanent watermark.

But a few weeks ago, SplitMind contacted me, and offered to distribute a special version, which includes a "personal use" licence, for our MediaPortal community.

This MediaPortal Version does not display any watermark.Smile


Thank you very much, MediaLooks!


:: Download MediaLooks QuickTime DS filter ::

It's wiki time!

During the last days I have been adding a few quite important new documents to our wiki .

Video Zoom Modes

MediaPortal offers quite many options to manipulate the displayed video in order to fit your screen.
But how some of them are supposed to work, remained a mystery to many users.

I have now created a small page in the wiki which explains how each view mode is working.

Getting your skin 1.0.1 compatible

From time to time, it is necessary to make changes to our code, which also demand that skinfiles get changed to maintain functionality.

These changes also have to be done in all community skins.

Now tracking these changes always was a nightmare challenge for our community skinners.

In order to make life easier for our community skinners, I have now forced asked our developers to collect every change since 1.0 release, which I will add to a page in the wiki .

So, if you want to get your skin 1.0.1 compatible you only have to monitor this wiki page for updates.

Monitoring a page in the wiki is very easy. All you have to do is click the subscribe link at the page .
You will then get an e-mail notification, as soon as a change is made.

You can also access this list of skinchanges from the wiki main page .
Just look at "MediaPortal 1 -> SkinDesigners Guide "

At the end of this blog entry I would like to remind everyone that the wiki is "OpenSource" as well.

So if you find a link which ends up on a empty page, or you find a typo, or  outdated info and you know what to write in there then please press the "edit" button.

Everyone is able to contribute to the MediaPortal Project! Smile

Any web developers out there ?

During the next weeks and months, we want to improve the MediaPortal Extensions Installer (MPE) , which allows you to easily install and update MediaPortal Extensions (Plugins, Skins, Tools, etc.).


One of the MPE key features is that you can browse and download extensions from our online repository, without visiting the website.

But we want to improve this feature, to enhance the useability.

Adding the required changes to the MPE itself is no problem, because we do have the necessary C# developers in our team.

The problem is that we also need to make changes to the open source repository we use on our homepage. Therefore we need skilled web developers who are willing to join our team and help out on this project.

divX7 now includes h.264 codec

Finding a free and reliable h.264 codec is not easy.

But a few days ago divX 7.0 was released which now includes a free (software decoding) h.264 codec, that works nicely inside MediaPortal.

a few Key-Features (complete list at divx-labs ):

  • H.264 Main, High, High 10, High 4:2:2 profiles
  • Full interlace support (MBAFF, PAFF, mixed)
  • Multithreading supporting up to 8 CPUs
  • Optimizations for MMX, SSE, SSE2


So if you are looking for a free solution to watch h.264 content, take a look at divx7. Smile

About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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