MediaPortal, My music!

Music maestro!

Now that the days are getting colder and darker, i find myself spending more time playing music, offcourse using MediaPortal


What i found was that although My Music is pretty stable, its not as userfriendly as i would like it to be.
Some observations i have:
- I spend too much time searching for songs
- I never use playlists since its too much work to create one
- Even if i got some playlists, its too much work to load them
- I use the favorites view a lot
- I'm switching constantly between genre, artists views

Things i'm searching for
- easy creation of playlists containing songs i like
- much better way of finding songs, even ones which are not 100% correctly tagged
- good overview of songs and playlists

Now how can MP help in this i asked my self.
Some idea's i have:

Classify songs
Basicly you should be able to add extra metadata to a song.
Suppose you are playing a song, or playlist.
I think it would be great if you where able to classify the song while playing
Classification could be:
  - assigning (extra) genres to the song
  - assigning own keywords to the song
  - linking a song to another artist, album or song.
  - changing existing tag info

Tivo has its thumbs up/down system, a bit like our favorites view.
 I found that one single favorties view is not enough. Sometimes i want to play hiphop, so listen to all my hiphop favorites while at other times i want to play quiet , easy listening songs. A single 'favorites' view wont help much here. Offcourse you can create playlists, but the way its done at the moment is not very userfriendly.

So in short, you should be able to create playlist very easy, userfriendly and also important. You should be able to browse & start a playlist with minimal action.

Playlists can come in 2 forms: dynamic and static
Static playlists we already know.
You compose a list of songs and save it as a playlist. A lot can be done to make this much more easier, but once you created the list it wont change anymore.

Dynamic playlists
Now this is something which interests me, can i tell MP to create playlists for me? Instead of searching and looking for songs,maybe MP can do this based on search criteria  
These playlists are auto-generated and new songs are placed or removed from these lists automaticly.

- A playlists of all love songs from 1980-now
- A playlist of all top 1 hits of the last 5 years 
- A playlist of all songs featuring madonna, anastacia and britney spears

When new love songs are added/removed from your music library the playlist will be adjusted automaticly. Also if you re-classify a song this could mean that the playlist will be changed


The Handiest thing i Ever did!

Being a MediaPortal Tester and a Mediaportal user i find that the 2 often dont go in harmony.... this has been one of my frustrations... and this is my solution to it......

As most of you know the CVS builds are the cutting edge... meaning sometimes you get cut! Something may not work right, in extreme circumstances TV or Music may not work at all! this can be frustrating and most importantly MediaPortal loses WAF!

So we have a way round this... not one i can take credit for, as im sure plently of you guys out there do it... im just imparting the information to you so if you wish to play... well... heres how to without upsetting the Wife/GF

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