Announcement: MP 2 skinning competition

The MediaPortal 2 core code is getting more and more stable and we are about to move our development power to the MediaPortal 2 standard plugins.

In a few weeks, we will start a MediaPortal 2 skinning contest where we will publish an exercise to create a skin which follows certain requirements. Everyone can participate. The best ideas will be used in MediaPortal 2 - maybe you can obtain a place in our skinning team? The main excercise will be to create a complete skin for the existing screens but you can also impress us by presenting good new UI concepts and even better skinning team leadership concepts for our project.

Our MP 2 SkinEngine understands MPF, which is very similar to WPF but especially designed for MediaPortal 2. So if you know WPF, it should be easy for you to work into MPF. But even if you don't understand anything from coding and skinning: If you are a good team leader or if you are able to do the conceptual work, you can also help. As preparation, interested people, who want to take part in a team, should try to form their team before the beginning of the contest. You can also try to form a team in the attached forum thread.

To get started with MediaPortal 2 skinning, please look through our Wiki in the MediaPortal 2 part. It explains how to connect to our SVN server, how to compile the system and how to write plugins and skins. It will be a bit work to get started, but don't despair, the potential and flexibility of the MediaPortal 2 system and especially of the SkinEngine is amazing.

We'll post another news entry here before the competition starts.

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MediaPortal 1.1.0 final veröffentlicht!

Die Entwicklung von MediaPortal 1.1.0 war ein langer und beschwerlicher Weg. Aber das Resultat ist die Anstrengungen allemal wert.

Das gesamte Team möchte sich bei unserer außergewöhnlichen Community bedanken, welche uns tatkräftig bei der Entwicklung von MediaPortal 1.1.0 mit Patches und Bugreports unterstützt hat:

Ihr habt einen wesentlichen Teil dazu beigetragen, dass das 1.1.0 Release die aus unserer Sicht beste Version in unserer 6 jährigen Geschichte ist!

MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC6 RELEASED!

RC5 was planned to be the last Release Candidate for MediaPortal 1.1.0 final.

However, the fix of a major issue related to the detection of a timeshift buffer file being video or radio makes us believe that a big field test is required to ensure that 1.1.0 final will be the most stable release in MediaPortal´s six year history.

If all goes according to plan, then this "slide-in" RC6 release will not delay the final version of 1.1.0, which is planned for release around the 16th of July.

We need the help of our great community to ensure the fix does not cause any unwanted side effects.

RC6 is as close to the final release as it can get.

Changes since 1.1.0 RC5:

  • 0002953: [fixed] Some TS files are wrongly detected as video/radio
  • 0002883: [fixed] Pulse and Loop animations do not work because conditional animations do not work
  • 0002950: [fixed] Video thumbnails are not being generated and do not display in RC5
  • 0002802: [fixed] B3 skin does not show recorded TV thumbs in list views

We also want to remind Skin Designers to review the list of Skin Changes since 1.0.1 - while Plugin Developers should take a look at the newly created Code Changes page.

There were some changes done since the last stable release which require Extensions (Skins and Plugins) to be updated so they get fully compatible with 1.1.0 RC6.

As announced earlier, the skin version will be increased for 1.1.0 final. This means that all skins need to be updated in order not to display the "outdated skin" warning.  Skins should at least implement the required changes (as outlined on the Skin Changes page) to be compatible, otherwise errors will result.

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The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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