MediaPortal 1.1.0 BETA 1 - Released! - UPDATE 2009-08-30

As you might know our original plan was to release the RC1 of MediaPortal 1.1.0. next. Due to the deep changes we did during the last few weeks, and the yet unresolved tasks, we decided that it would be wise to release a BETA 1 today instead of the RC1.

We do that with the ulterior motive to ensure that MediaPortal 1.1.0 will be the most stable and feature complete release in our long history.

Major changes in this BETA are:

  • WebEPG is now included as a plugin for TV-Server
  • RTSP Streaming IP can be changed in TV-Server configuration
    (This is useful if the default port is in use by any other application.)
  • New OSD's have been slightly reworked and finished
  • TV-Server configuration has been reworked in some areas to enhance the usability, like new tuningformats and simplified scan dialog
  • Options have been added to TV-Server and MediaPortal Configuration to allow to disable and enable Microsoft MediaCenter Services
    (This is required for TV-Server and Microsoft MCE Remote to work properly.)
  • Various memory leaks have been fixed in MediaPortal
  • Various fixes for the Topbar in MediaPortal
  • Improved Windows 7 compatibillity
  • Solved problems caused by IPv6 in TV-Server (only IPv4 is supported!)
  • Added dvb-s2 support for ProfRed Cards
  • Added CI menu support for Twinhan/Terratec cards
  • Improved TV error handling for better user experience
  • CI menu and messages are automatically enabled now
  • A few more features have been added to the SkinEngine
  • Audio seek with different speeds for BASS player
  • E-AC3 / DD+ audio stream type support for TV

The team would like to thank everyone who sent us patches!

Complete list of changes:

There were a lot of smaller changes done as well.

Installation notes:

  • a present MediaPortal 1.0.x or 1.1.0 ALPHA installation can not be upgraded
  • a present MediaPortal 1.0.x or 1.1.0 ALPHA installation will be uninstalled
    (No data will be lost, you will find MediaPortal_backup and TV-Server_backup folders which contain the plugins,skins and userfiles of the 1.0.x installations)
  • a present TV-Server database will be upgraded and can be reused
  • do not reuse any skins, plugins, databases or configuration files from MediaPortal 1.0.x or 1.1.0 ALPHA with this BETA!

Testing and bug reporting:
The changes we made require a lot of testing to ensure that MediaPortal 1.1 will be shipped as bug-free as possible.
Please take your time to test this Beta release carefully and report bugs you found in our related bugreport forums.

Please do not post results of 1.1 BETA 1 testing anywhere else.

Please follow the Bugreport guideline when reporting issues. If you don't, then the bugreport will not help our developers and it will be removed to keep the forums clean.

Help with Development:
If you are a developer, then you can help us to make MediaPortal 1.1 a great release. You can post your bug fixes directly in the dedicated ::submit patches forum:: .Our developers will review and add them to SVN once approved.
Besides bug fixes, we also have a lot of open tasks in our roadmaps which community developers might want to help us with.
Just pick one and start a "Work in Progress" thread in the ::submit patches forum:: to avoid someone else doing the same work.

Team SVN Server:
A few months ago we started to use our own, team internal SVN server, because SourceSorge slowed us down a lot.

We are now happy to announce that starting with the 4th of September every interested programmer and skin designer will be able to have read-access to our new team SVN server and therefore to the very latest state of development!

We will still keep the SVN on SourceForge as backup, to which we will sync our team's SVN manually every 1-2 months.

There will be a separate News about this during the next week.

After the release of MediaPortal 1.1 BETA, we will start to release SVN-Testbuilds again.

The road to 1.1.0 final
As you can see in our roadmaps, there are some big changes pending which we would like to see resolved in the 1.1.0 release.
Having finished these changes the team will concentrate on development of MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC1.

Depending on how well the development goes, there might be more release candidates.

Our release target for 1.1 final is December 2009.
But depending on the amount of help from the community, an earlier release might be possible as well.

The time after MediaPortal 1.1.0
The team will focus on MediaPortal 2 from now on. But this does not mean that MediaPortal 1 is completely dead.

There will be at least one 1.1.x release. But we want to outsource the major part of it's development to the community.

A short notice before installing: Please do not use this BETA on a productive system. It is pretty stable but might still contain some glitches. ;)


UPDATE 2009-08-30

The inital Beta 1 release sadly contained one showstopper bug. Because of this we were forced to create a new BETA 1 release.
Those of you who installed the initial release will have to uninstall it and then reinstall the new version linked below.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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