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The best skin for me, probably the one I'll stick with.
I'm very happy with aMPed skin, easy to configure for my needs, the pause and skip bar is at the top of screen which is a much needed feature for me, I use subtitles and this feature allows me to pause and still read the subtitles or any other on screen test which is located usually at the bottom half of the screen.

The full screen backdrop art on sub menu screens is awesome, I wish that the main menu will also be represented above a full screen background fanart or some background and not divided by the menu left column, other than that which is a personal taste of mine the look feel and options are perfect.
Owner's reply

Thanks alltheway - full screen fanart/backdrops on Home screens is planned (when wide fanart layout is selected)!

EDIT: Now available in aMPed 3.6 - Jul 3, 2013


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A Creative, Customizable "Crust" for MediaPortal
It would be unfair to call the newest version of aMPed a "skin" as it chock-full of sweet goodness; and what a better way to display all the juicy deliciousness that is MediaPortal!

aMPed of course is the best option for 4:3 users, but great strides have been made in the 16:9 side. So much so that it can do "doughnuts" even around any skin designed for widescreen only! Of course the fact that the design is very open and supports 18pt font size for distant viewing are still the icing on this cake.

New hidden menu items make navigation as easy as pie and offer direct links to some very common functions. As always, aMPed continues to offer support for every popular plugin, helping you to realize "just how sweet it is"!

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Beautiful skin
Whether you like lots of art, or want it clean, you can have it both ways with this skin with different profiles. If you have a 4:3 TV this is the skin for you 3 different font sizes to choose from and 2 different TV guide setups 10 and 8 line, but also comes in 16:9. I just love the Monochrome theme, it's awesome. Try out this skin you'll love it too.

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Great Skin!
Best!!! Skin for small screens/TVs. Really one of the best! And with a good team behind! Thanks for this skin! Love the new widescreen option!

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The Skin of Choice!
The skin of choice for those still with a 4:3 TV. So many options, plugin support, and a fantastic installer and config program.

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