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Lots of potential
This is a very useful app and works really smoothly.

However, on a tablet it still only shows up at phone dimensions. plus in landscape it is really small and some features are clipped with no way to scroll. In portrait it fits much better, but still uses very little of the available space.

Keep up the goodwork.

Works great and need to be improve!
It works very well and quickly on my Glaxy S2!!!
However the photo quality is not good, and it don't want to play my HD films on my phone.

early impression
The app is dead easy to set up and this is good. It is still missing a few functions like the ability to multi select music files to add to play list but I am sure this will come with further development....
This has been a great use for my old HTC Magic phone that was too slow for "real" use!

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mediaportal via android remotw
was never able to get mediaportal remote to work. i installed the plugin from the site and installed the remote on my phone (htc evo). after starting the remote from the phone and starting the program ,nothing happened. i ensured my ip settings and port configurations were all correct, ram again, even un and reinstalled the program, no luck.

i got fed up and installed Unified Remote from android market. Ive tried a couple of remote control devices since, but it is by far the best. there is still point and clicking, but the versatility it showed is worth it for the remote\htpc experience. as matter of fact, i´m using it to post this right now.

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Handy application
I like this application though the UI could be improved. One thing that annoys me is that I couldn't find the equivalent to the Back or Esc keys, which I use all of the time on my MCE remote.
Other than that it is very fast and easy to set up.
It would be excellent if it is was possible to map the buttons and/or change the graphics/icons for the buttons.
Oh, what does the Android button do?
Great attempt :-)

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