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media portal 1.3RC,windows 8 power scheduler++
have PowerScheduler++ integrated with 1.3RC on windows 8
all working well, computer waking up and sleeping as required both with media portal and with a windows scheduled epg loading task

well done

This plugin really made me happy
I just managed to let this wonderful plugin turn my TV and AMP on and off only when it should, thus at user interaction.
When the singleseat is started by a remote client no TV or AMP has to turn on.
I managed this by using a batchfile which parses the 'suspend' 'resume' 'awaymode' and 'onrun' arguments.
These will trigger a IRSS macro which blasts IR code.

Soon I will post this solution somewhere one the forum, because I think there are more people using a similair setup.

One important question remains:
Do I have to donate to 'team-mediaportal' or is it possible to donate to the author directly? I really like to give a donation for the fact that this made me happy :-)
Owner's reply

I am happpy that you love the PS++ plugin, but I do not want to get money for it. So I would ask you to give your donation to the MediaPortal team.


Excellent -- But Wish Pre-Wakeup Time Was Restored
Love Powerscheduler++. It's very, very reliable and stable and has never missed a beat in wake ups for recordings or EPG grabbings. But, as eduard94 reports below, the latest version no longer allows a customized pre-wakeup time. Unfortunately, it takes my cable STB more than 60 seconds to initalize, so I had to revert back to to provide the longer pre-wakeup time. Sure wish michael_t would consider restoring this adjustment in updates as it is very useful in situations requiring additional pre-wakeup time.

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Very good plugin
Very good plugin, but in new version I can't find pre-wake up. It very useful function.
Owner's reply

The function is still there, but no longer configurable - the prewakeup time is fixed to 60 seconds.


Great plugin, excellent support
A must have plugin for all concerned by powerconsumption.
With this plugin my HTPC wakes up and hibernates like clockwork and even stays on during downloads and then hibernates when done.
The first version I tested did not work well, the 100% CPU problem but a day later a new version was out.

Reduced my power requirements
I have MP on a dedicated PC, before this I had to leave it on 24/7, very expensive as the PC was quite high spec to cope with HD.

Now when it is not being used it hibernates - so even the background hum of the disks has gone - so quieter too!

I turn it on and it works, leave it on the home screen and ignore it - it will hibernate and wake up for recordings as necessary.

This MAKES MP a much more power and noise friendly piece of living room furniture.

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Abstürze und DB Schaden
Dieses Plugin hat mich viele Nerven gekostet. Zwei HTPCs hatten dies installiert und beide hatten aller zwei Wochen DB Schäden nachdem sie aus dem Standby kamen - das MP hängt sich permanent auf.

Ich habe jetzt beide HTPCs mit der integrierten Lösung laufen - geht besser als vorher. Irgendwie sind beide Lösungen nicht ganz gut.

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