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only errors
i uses 4 direcories of animee, the episodes have absolute numbering
e.g. video\TEST\Cowboy Bebop\15 - My Funny Valentine.mkv
the only thing that I got out of this is
'F_find_eptitle: 15 - My Funny Valentine.mkv !!! EPISODE TITLE MISSING !!!'

So, for me it is a "no go"

great program
This program is great. for tv series I only use thetvdb as a source because then it is the same as mp tv series uses. i use it to rename recorded tv series from the recorded tv folder and then import to mp tv series. it renames the xml file too so i reimport that into the recording table and tvwishlist still knows not to record ones i already have.

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Hit and Miss
theRenamer tends to have a bipolar behavior so I've forsaken it and just rely now on Sick Beards post processing for TV Shows... For example, the series Allo! Allo! was renamed as 'Burke's Law' which I had to clean up manually and it also had issues with the new show on BBC HD called Two Greedy Italians.

Simply A Must have!
Does exactly what is says it does silently and efficiently. Used in conjunction with uTorrent with an RSS feed for completely automated "library updates". File is downloaded, renamed, moved into place and then shows up in MP with NO intervention whatsoever. This is just awesome!!!

Works together with moving pictures
Great tool, I use it together with moving pictures. You have an option to create an imdb link in your movie folder while renaming. After that you add 'url' to your nfo scanner and moving pictures will always directly find the right movie from the imdb id in the link!

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Very useful
This tool can perform 2 important tasks for you:

1. Rename downloaded TV episodes and Movies into a format that the MP TV series and Moving Pictures plugins can better understand.

2. Move files into their correct folders. I have one folder containing TV series and another for movies. All my downloads go into a 'new downloads' folder. theRenamer will automatically move the downloaded file to the correct TV or movie folder.

TIP: If you want to automate the renaming / moving then you can set your torrent program to run "theRenamer.exe - fetch" when the download completes (I do this with the latest beta of utorrent).

Unrelated tip: I use a program called TED to auto-download TV series episodes to my 'new downloads' folder. This combination gives me a fully automated system for getting the latest TV episodes and having them show up in MP.

Great MMA support!
This utility got something that is missing in TVSeries and MovingPictures; MMA support. Awesome!

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Never touch your filenames again!
One of my all time favorite tools! Since I started using theRenamer I have hardly ever had to rename a file manually! You can configure the renaming however you like, press a button and done! Works great with MP-TVSeries plugin and improves matching in Moving Pictures plugin.

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